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Dental tourism is constantly proving itself to be the easiest way to get your dental work done at affordable pricing. There are many destinations from which you can choose, and all of those have different offers, in terms of prices, tourist packages, quality, insurance etc. Usually, when choosing the destination for your dental vacation, the price is amongst the first things you will look into.

To show you the differences between most popular dental tourism centres in Europe, we took average prices of dental implants by country, and here is how it looks:

 UK 3100€ 
Spain  2500€ 
Italy  1600€ 
Lithuania  1300€ 
Romania  1100€ 
Turkey 875€
Hungary 800€

It’s obvious that there are big differences in prices of dental services across Europe and those are, as we know, the biggest factors that affect the choice of patients.

Now, you might want to consider a new option: with dental tourism on the rise at this moment, Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming a new favourite European destination where you can get your dental work done at affordable pricing and, along with that, experience the beautiful nature and exciting tourist activities that this part of Europe offers. For example, the price of a dental implant in Bosnia and Herzegovina goes between 400€ and 700€, which is almost ten times cheaper than in the UK.

Other prices of dental works vary, but are usually up to 70% lower than the ones offered in nearby European countries.

Average prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

 Dental filling 30€ - 100€
Tooth extraction 30€ - 200€
Teeth whitening/bleaching 100€ - 200€
Dental crown 180€ - 350€
Dental implant 400€ - 700€
All-on-4 4000€ - 6000€

Low prices don’t always guarantee high quality services, but in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can say that’s fairly true. Price range is determined by many factors, amongst which are low costs of living and real estate, right next to the costs of education, which are lower there than in the rest of Europe. High quality services are guaranteed by the fact that all Bosnian dentists, in order to get a licence to work, have to be a part of “Chamber of dental doctors” that thoroughly tests and revises the expertise of its members.

Of course, it’s not all about money - Bosnia and Herzegovina has a stunning landscape, partly unexplored, and offers a variety of tourist activities, both urban and those in nature, so you can make your dental procedures a memorable vacation and tourist experience.


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