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Feel free to contact our consultants before you schedule your first appointment and get all answers to your questions.
Dental Tourist consists of young doctors that serve you as consultants and local guides during your dental tourism experience. Before scheduling an appointment with one of our partner clinics or requesting transport feel free to contact us to get more info about your procedure and stay in Banja Luka.

Dental Consulting

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Our in-house doctors will answer any of your questions and give you tips before scheduling first appointment.

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Our friendly hosts will be available 24/7 to assist you with accommodation as well as tourist and cultural activities.


Dedicated transport

Our dedicated drivers are available to help you with traveling to Banja Luka. You can also use your personal transport.

Our consultants

Our consultants are experienced doctors ready to help you with any questions.
Dental Consultant

Milorad Pena
Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dental Consultant

Ranko Potajac
Dental Technician

Jovana Gajić
Dental Tourist Host

Visit and experience beautiful sights during your stay in Banja Luka.



Our hosts will help you choose accommodation that fits your needs and budget.